A huge halibut or giant pacific octopus was creeping out. Alaska. August 17, 2012.

Guests leave tomorrow.  It is a sad time as even though we had some language barriers to cross I really enjoyed them. After a week of hanging out together it is interesting to notice how many jokes and laughs and good times are not language related at all and it is just the presence of each other that makes the group bond.  I loved just seeing how much chatter would come after all were on board Inde on the way to the Swell. Finally, I would get a word in to find out what it was that they saw. A huge Halibut or a giant octopus that was out and creeping around, or the sea lion that gave a love tap while circling or the Puget Sound King Crab that is so full of colors and seemed to be everywhere this trip or the unidentified fish that has us all looking in the books after the dive.

I showed them the slideshow, a thank you the Swell Crew give the guests on the last day of trip and they reminisce about all they have seen. The whale we watched breach for a half an hour, he never seemed to run out of steam. The Hot Springs that was enjoyed, by the raging waterfall, before and after dinner. A fabulous day at Le Conte glacier where the weather allowed non divers, ice burg walkers and snorkelers enjoy their day. This group were honored with an afternoon at the Marble Grotto where they could snorkel down the river and watch King Salmon speed by. The divers and non divers enjoyed the various small towns that were along the way and appreciate the differences and everything around them.  This trip we went from Juneau to Ketchican and got to see the water warm up, the topography change, and the difference in species variation. This run is a great way to experience all the differences that Southeastern Alaska has to offer. Looking forward to do it again

DM Leeanne

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