Alaska Diving : Divemasters Report

Andy Wallace 1

Date: August 12th, 2013

Location:  Dixen Entrance East

Dive one: Prospector Point

Temp: 10c – Viz: 20ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Check out dive. Not to much to see but a nice check out spot for everyone to get the weights and gear ready.

Dive Two: Gnarnled Stair

Temp: 9c – Viz: 50ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great spot. Definitely need to dive again. Giant plumos everywhere. Octos found and wolf eels. Lots of cracks and crevices for little macro life.

Dive Three: Gnarled Wall

Temp: 9c – Viz: 40-50ft – Seas: Calm – Weather: Cloudy

Comments: Great dive. Lots of Nudi’s, Alaskan King Crabs were found. Guests loved the color and great dive conditions of the wall.

Overall: Great first dive day. Everyone was very happy. Especially with the exploratory dive.

Date: August 13th, 2013

Location: Revillgagelos Channel

Dive one: Foggy Rock

Temp: 9c – Viz: 49ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great dive.  Three wolf eels spotted along with 13 different species of rock fish. Guests really liked the visibility of the Gully.

Dive Two: Washington Monument

Temp: 9c – Viz: 50ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Nice wall. Lots of cloud sponges at lower depths. Up top around 20 ft were many Nudibranchs and a couple gunnels were spotted.

Dive Three: Sea Lion Island

Temp: 9c – Viz: 20ft – Seas: Calm – Weather: Cloudy

Comments: Nice dive. In your face Sea Lions! A lot of young males with a lot of curiosity.

Overall: Great dive day. Guests loved finishing to day off on the Sea Lions.

Date: August 14th, 2013

Location: Clarence Straight

Dive one: Misery Island

Temp: 9c – Viz: 30ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: 5 decorated war bonnets were spotted. Dense coverage with pale orange sponge. Rock Scallops.

Dive Two: Misery Island

Temp: 9c – Viz: 40ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Grunt Sculpins near the base of the sand chute. A couple species of dydemna tunicate.

Dive Three: Stanhope

Temp: 9c – Viz: 30ft – Seas: Calm – Weather: Sunny

Comments: Silty wall with very sparse cloud sponges on the north wall. Very barren site.

Activities: Myers Chuck Walk.  Short and sweet. Some people bought a few souvenirs from the gift shop.

Overall: Great dive day. The sunny finally poked his head out!

Date: August 15th, 2013

Location: Le Conte Bay

Activities: Ice Day- Everyone loved Ice Day as usual. Guests had the pleasure of seeing some caving from the Glacier. There were Harbor Seals everyone, at least 300 in one big group. Everyone also had a few drinks while playing on one of the Large Icebergs we played on. Walk through Petersburg- Everyone had an hour to walk through the small fishing town. They all liked it and some did some souvenir shopping.

Overall: Great day. As Ice Day always seems to be.

Date: August 16th, 2013

Location: Gambier Bay

Dive one: Lumpsucker

Temp: 8c – Viz:20ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Amazing dive, everyone saw lumpsuckers and lots of other small macro life.

Dive Two: Lumpsuckers

Temp: 8c – Viz: 20ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Another great dive. Skeleton shrimp covering the whole site. Irish lords on every rock. Everyone is excited for dive three.

Dive Three- Exploratory dive- Gambier Point

Temp:10c – Viz: 30ft – Seas: Calm – Weather: Sunny

Comments: Really great site. East side of the pinnacle is full of life. Wolf eels, Octos, Nudis and lumpsuckers were all found. Definitely a must dive. Put it on the map because were diving it again!

Dive Four- Lumpsucker

Temp-:8c – Viz-30ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas:Calm

Comments: Amazing dive once again. Guests said it was one of the most amazing places for life they have ever dove.

Overall: Fantastic day in Gambier Bay!!!

Date: August 17th, 2013

Location: Baranof

Dive one: Kelp Patch

Temp: 10c – Viz: 70ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Amazing dive. Andy Lamb went bananas over the rare Snail Fish was found. He has been looking for it for 15 years.

Dive Two: Baranof

Temp:10c – Viz: 70ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Another amazing dive. Everyone was in search of the Snail fish. Two GPO’s were found.

Dive Three: Wooded Wall

Temp: 9c – Viz: 40ft – Seas: Calm – Weather: Rainy

Comments: Great dive, Giant plumos. A couple decorated war bonnets were found.

Activities: Baranof hot springs- Only four people came. They all loved it.

Overall: Another great day in Baranof

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