Awesome! My first orcas, sea otters, sealions and nudibranchs! And the best food ever


Orcas! Eleven O’clock!- Ron/Divemaster Jesse

Diving the Transpac was everything I expected and more! Crystal clear wreck visibility and an octopus and grunt sculpin on the wall on the way up! The grunt sculpin was with a few prawns, maybe it was a cleaning station.- Martin

Fabulous, just another great day on the Nautilus Swell. I really enjoyed our walk in the woods at Butedale today with Tiare. Our chat about plants and ethnobotany was really interesting. I was terribly disappointed she didn’t sink into the mud though! *foot note- I was definitely asking for it by stepping in all the mud puddles* The dive in Butedale inlet was nice because I unexpectedly saw an octopus. On most of our dives I have seen broken shells everywhere, there must be lots of octopus around but it’s always great to see them, it is also nice when they pose for you!”-Mary

“Awesome! My very first orcas, my very first sea otters, my very first sealions and my first of many many different types of nudibranchs! Also the best food on a liveaboard ever”-Angelika

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