Divemaster log – Nautilus Swell – Campbell River to Port Hardy, British Columbia.


Oct 23, 2013

Location: Campbell River

Dive One: Row and be Dammed

Temp: 10C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: foggy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Nice first dive for our check out. Strawberry Pink anenomes everywhere!! Guests were able to get their equipment figured out and have an awesome first dive to get them excited for the trip.

Dive Two: Copper Cliffs

Temp: 10C – Vis: 80ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Beautiful wall dive. The sun was out shinning so everyone got to see the magnitude of the steep wall. Great viz made this dive amazing. A large Puget Sound King Crab was the highlight.

Dive Three: Wreck of the Columbia

Temp: 11C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great final dive of the day! Everyone loved the wreck. There isn’t much life on it even after all these years but the structure is great for photos and there are lots of openings for people to stick there head in and check out what’s inside.

Overall: Great first dive day. Everyone had high spirits coming out of the water after every dive. Even the ones with leaky suits!

Date: Oct 24th, 2013

Location: Plumper Island

Dive One: Stubbs Island

Temp: 10C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Windy and overcast – Seas: Choppy and very short wave length

Comments: Amazing Dive site, spectacular wall! Huge Octopus hiding in its den! Rock Scallops!! Giant white plumose.

Dive Two :  Pierce Island

Temp: 10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Beautiful dive, all guest loved it. Giant white plumose everyone along with s grunt sculpin and one decorated warbonnet. A seal was spotted during three people safety stop hanging around in the kelp forest.

Dive Three : Muk Dive

Temp: 9C – Vis: 10ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Nice night dive. Sea Lions visited us on our sea urchin covered wall dive. But everyone still enjoyed it!

Oct 25th, 2013

Dive Three: Plumper Pass

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Sunny with 30km/h winds – Seas: bit on the rough side

Comments:  Great drift dive, not as much colour as all the past dives but excellent for wolf Eels! Free swimming juveniles out and about all of the large boulders and ledges.  Loads of Nudibranchs, and a great kelp patch to end the dive!  Guest found a sea lion skull!

Dive Two: Sea Lion Dive

Temp: 9c – Vis: 40ft – Seas: Calm

Comments: Not as many sea lions as most times. But a few big bulls were always there through out the dive.

Dive Three: Haddington Island

Temp:8C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: So many Octo dens!!! But no octos☹ Lots of giant plumose overwhere along with 6 different species of rock fish.

October 26th, 2013

Dive Three: Browning Wall

Temp: 9c – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great Dive, the best site up here lived up to its expectation. Everyone was blown away by the amazing viz and color of the world renowned wall.

Dive Two: Eagles Nest

Temp:10C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Overcast – Seas: Calm

Comments: Very pretty dive. Eb carried everyone a little ways. Nice plumose anemoes. Two salefin sculpins and a couple giant nudibranchs were spotted!!

Dive Three: Hussar Point

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: raining – Seas: flat calm

Comments: Nice final dive of the day. Great viz and a grunt sculpin was found. Everyone followed me and we all enjoyed the calm and relaxing dive.

Date: Oct 27th,  2013

Location: Deserter Group

Dive One: Fantasy Island

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Sunny  – Seas: bit on the rough side

Comments: Awesome dive! Wolf Eels everywhere!! A total was six were spotted. They say it was sunny and it lit up the kelp field during everyone’s safety stop.

Dive Two: Toy Man

Temp: 9C – Viz: 60ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Nice dive. A large nudibranch was seen. Not the most exciting dive.

Dive Three: Fantasy Island

Temp: 10c – Viz: 60ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: calm

Comments: Amazing dive! Wolf Eels everywhere! Fantasy Island once again is a best dive of the trip.

Dive Four: Night Dive- Staples Cut

Temp: 10c – Viz: Night dive – Seas:Calm

Comments: Awesome night dive, the bio-luminescent on the Sea Fans were a big hit and 2 octopus were spotted outside hunting.

Date: Oct 28th, 2013

Location: Browning Pass

Dive One: Lucan Chute

Temp: 9C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Very nice early morning dive, with a few Pugent Sound king Crabs and lots of colorful Invertebrates

Dive Two: Browning Wall

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: clear sky bit of wind – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Excellent dive! Lots of beautiful pinks, reds and whites. Everyone loved their magical wall dive.

Dive Three: North West Wall

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great Dive, beautiful colors and different rock formations. We all ended the dive in a beautiful kelp patch lite up by the sun!!

Overall: Amazing dive trip!! All guests loved the scenic diving and awesome marine life. The weather has been great and the spirits have been high. Some guests are already talking about booking their next trip!!

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