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Sulfur Sponge ©Olga Torrey

Oct 13, 2013

Location: Port Alexander

Dive One: Hussar Point

Temp: 10C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Very nice first dive of the trip!  The guests were extremely excited, good and ready to go first thing in the morning! Juvenile Wolf Eel was found, and a couple Grunt Sculpins!

Dive Two: Browning Wall

Temp: 10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Again, Browning wall astounded the guests with all of the colour and mass amounts of Life everywhere you look!

Dive Three: 7 Tree

Temp: 11C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great final dive of the day! Currents were strong so we had to wait on Indy for a while but all guests after were able to have a wonderful dive. Lots of life on the wall and a few sea lions were spotted!

Oct 14th, 2013

Location: Walker Group

Dive One:  Browning Islets

Temp: 10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Nice early morning dive at the Islets, everyone loved the snow covered look to the site due to all of  the white plumose!

Dive Two : Fantasy Island

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: windy and raining – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Awesome Wolf Eel Dive, both males females and juveniles!

Dive Three: Race Rock

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Sunny with 30km/h winds -Seas: bit on the rough side

Comments:  Great drift dive, not as much colour as all the past dives but excellent for wolf Eels! Free swimming juveniles out and about all of the large boulders and ledges.  Loads of Nudibranchs, and a great kelp patch to end the dive!  Guest found a sea lion skull!

 Date: Oct 15th, 2013

Dive One: Critter Corner

Temp: 8c – Vis: 40ft – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great first dive of the day. Everyone had a nice dive and a huge Octo was spotted that most divers got to see.

Dive Two: Toy Boy Gap

Temp:8C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Great Dive, Lots of different topography.  Free Swimming juvenile wolf eel, and a massive Puget sound king crab!

Dive Three: Mastermins

Temp: 9c – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Great Dive, Al went in with everyone. Lots of red Irish lords were spotted and a couple nice looking Gunnels.

Dive Four: Night Dive Staples Cut

Temp:10C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Overcast – Seas: Calm

Comments: Nice calm night dive, everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Guests loved seeing the rat fish, and giant nudibranchs.  It was Sea Pen galore with some awesome Rockfish!

Oct 16, 2013

Dive One: Hussar Bay

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: windy and raining – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Awesome Wolf Eel Dive, both males females and juveniles!

Dive Two: Rock of Life

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Sunny with 30km/h winds – Seas: bit on the rough side

Comments: Beautiful Wall dive. Everyone loved cruising along the wall and seeing all the wonderful colors.

Dive Three: Five Fathom

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Overcast and windy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Nice dive. Rocky bottom with lots of big Lincods.

Date: Oct 17th, 2013

Location: Gordon Channel

Dive One: Fantasy Island

Temp: 9C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Overcast and windy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Very nice early morning dive, with a few Wolf Eels and lots of colorful Invertebrates. One of the wolf eels was very entertaining and everyone watched him for about 30 minutes!

Dive Two: Numas

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: clear sky bit of wind-Seas: medium swells around the island

Comments:  Excellent dive!  Loads of invertebrates.  The rare Gargonian Coral was found by a few guests around 40ft.

Dive Three: Haddington Island

Temp: 12C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great Dive, Lots of Octo Dens and Wolf eels. A couple huge Lincods were spotted!

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