Divemaster log — From day one aboard the Nautilus Swell my heart rate has been a Steady hundred beats per minute, and has been the utmost exciting and knowledgeable experience of my life.

Robert Rhode 3 w

It is such a joy to work onboard the Nautilus Swell.   Each crew member bringing something completely different to the table, yet working so well together, feeling and seeing a sense of family and belonging.  The guests and diving have been absolutely spectacular.  From seeing Wolf eels, Giant pacific octopus, massive link cod, and nudibranchs below, to the most stunning waterfall front hot springs, and mountain ranges with a seemingly mystical fog above.  The adventure has just begun, and I couldn’t be happier.

– DM Joel

“Everywhere you look its magnificent”

– Mark- on the Bow of the Boat

“Absolutely Amazing, It looks Pre-historic”

– Andreas- Basket Bay- Salmon Creek

“Every Inch is covered in all different colors, so beautiful you forget about the cold water”- – Kim Poh- Wooden Island

“I never thought I’d see so many wolf eels in a single Dive”

– Kim Poh- Vancouver Rock

“I have been on over ten live aboard Dive Boats, and have never felt so safe and accommodated to”

– Ada- Top Deck of the Boat

The Food is amazing, and everything is so perfectly organized.  Diving operations always on time and ran so smoothly.”

– Ada- Saloon

The Skiff is the nicest treat to have, going to shore and diving off of, each Diver having lots of room, with multiple entry and exit points, never feel crowded.”

– Ada- Top Deck

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