Divemaster report – beautiful fall diving – Browning Pass, Port Hardy, British Columbia

Larry Cohenw

Date:  Sept 22, 2013

Location: Port Alexander

Dive One: Browning Islets

Temp: 8C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Cloudy and Raining – Seas: Calm

Comments: First Dive of the trip went well.  After Getting everyone weighted, and submerged the conditions were great, good visibility and everyone seemed very pleased! Sea Lion played with a few of the guests their entire dive.

Dive Two: Browning Islets

Temp:8C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: cloudy and raining with a few brief moments of sunshine – Seas: Calm

Comments: Great dive, with lots of kelp that the guests loved.  Bit of sun shine gleaming through the kelp.  Amazing colour that the guests never expected!

Dive Three: Browning Wall

Temp: 9C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: over cast, with bits of sun – Seas: Very Calm

Comments: Browning wall definitely lived up to its reputation. Everyone was blown away by the unbelievably covered wall with life and colour they couldn’t imagine.

Activities: Diving

Overall: First Day Diving port Hardy went very well.  All guests extremely pleased, and cant wait for the Dives to come!

Date: Sept 23, 2013

Location: Port Alexander

Dive One: Hussar Point

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Cloudy and rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Awesome first dive of the day, everyone really enjoyed themselves! Decorated warbonnets spotted, and basket stars which guests have never even heard of!

Dive two: Hussar Point

Temp: 9C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Cloudy with bits of sun – Seas: Calm

Comments:  First giant pacific octopus spotted!  What a beauty. Everyone loved diving Hussar point for a second time, excellent conditions in the perfect little bowl filled with life!

Dive three: Seven Tree

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Current

Comments:  Sea Lion joined in on the group to play around the awesome little island.  Spotted a juvenile wolf eel and multiple basket stars!

Dive four: Hussar Bay Night Dive

Temp:9C – Vis: 30ft – Weather: Clear night Dive – Seas:Calm

Comments: Amazing night Dive, everyone loved it, and the thousands of hooded Nudibranchs!  Also saw a Spotted Rat Fish!

Overall: Fantastic Second day of Diving,  Everyone was extremely pleased, yet again  blown away.  Fun safe day of diving.

Dive One: Browning Wall

Temp: 9C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Cloudy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Browning wall for the Second time, and everyone couldn’t have been happier!  Massive Puget sound king crab, and wolf eels spotted.

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