Bay after Bay filled with hooded nudibranchs and “millions” moon jellies diving Port Hardy


Sept 29, 2013

Location: Hussar Bay

Dive One: Hussar Point

Temp: 10C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Very nice first dive of the trip!  The guests were extremely excited, good and ready to go first thing in the morning! Juvenile Wolf Eel was found, and a couple Grunt Sculpins!

Dive Two: Browning Wall

Temp: 10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Again, Browning wall astounded the guests with all of the colour and mass amounts of Life everywhere you look!

Dive Three: Hussar Bay

Temp: 11C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Awesome dive just out front of the Swell in the Bay.  Guests were very pleased with the calm cool Bay filled beyond belief with Hooded Nudibranchs!  Millions of Moon Jellies were also around near the end of our dive during our safety stop, being completely engulfed by them!

Sept 30, 2013

Location: Browning Pass

Dive One:  Browning Islets

Temp: 10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Nice early morning dive at the Islets, everyone loved the snow covered look to the site due to all of  the white plumose!

Dive Two: Seven Tree

Temp: 10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Calm

Comments: Awesome dive! People loved the site and compared it to the diverse and immense amounts of life of Browning Wall!

Dive Three: Toy Boy Gap

Temp:8C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Rainy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Great Dive, Lots of different topography.  Free Swimming juvenile wolf eel, and a massive Puget sound king crab!

Dive Four: Night Dive Staples Cut

Temp:10C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Overcast – Seas: Calm

Comments: Nice calm night dive, everyone really enjoyed themselves.  Guests loved seeing the rat fish, and giant nudibranchs.  It was Sea Pen galore with some awesome Rockfish!

Oct 1, 2013

Location: Staples Cut

Dive One: Fantasy Island

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: windy and raining – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Awesome Wolf Eel Dive, both males females and juveniles!

Dive Two: Race Rock

Temp: 9C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Sunny with 30km/h winds – Seas: bit on the rough side

Comments:  Great drift dive, not as much colour as all the past dives but excellent for wolf Eels! Free swimming juveniles out and about all of the large boulders and ledges.  Loads of Nudibranchs, and a great kelp patch to end the dive!  Guest found a sea lion skull!

Dive Three: Red Fern Rock

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Overcast and windy – Seas: Big Swells

Comments: Nice dive, Lots of plumose of all colors with rock fish and Sculpins.  Guests found the big swells to be interesting to dive in but quite fun!

Oct 2, 2013

Location: Gordon Channel

Dive One: Nye Pinnacle

Temp: 9C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Overcast and windy – Seas: Choppy

Comments: Very nice early morning dive, with a few Wolf Eels and lots of colorful Invertebrates.  A good little drift circling the pinnacle made it all the better.

Dive Two: Barry Island

Temp: 9C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: clear sky bit of wind – Seas: medium swells around the island

Comments:  Excellent dive!  Loads of invertebrates and plumose of all colours.  The rare Gargonian Coral was found by a few guests around 90- 100ft!  nice Drift.

Dive Three: NW Wall

Temp: 12C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Sunny – Seas: Calm

Comments: Amazing Wall Dive! Man, it was cool, and the guests loved it.  The wall overhanging you 80 ft down, with massive white and yellow plumose, and rock rick hidden all about!

Dive Four: Night Dive Hussar Bay

Temp: 10C – Vis: 40ft – Weather: Clear night sky! – Seas: Calm

Comments:  It was a nice calm night dive in the bay with more hooded Nudi’s you could imagine! Completely covering  every inch of the kelp.  Saw Some nice big rock fish and Sculpins, and I Giant Nudibranch.

Oct 3, 2013

Location:  Gordon Channel

Dive One: Hunt Rock

Temp: 10C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Windy and overcast – Seas: Choppy and very short wave length

Comments: Amazing Dive site, spectacular wall! Big Wolf Eels, and a Huge Octopus hiding in its den!

Dive Two: Hussar B

Temp: 11C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: Overcast – Seas: Calm

Comments: Very nice calm dive with next to no current. Mass amounts of your white and yellow plumose and a little Octo!

Dive Three: Rock of Life

Temp:10C – Vis: 60ft – Weather: Overcast – Seas: Calm

Comments:  Awesome Drift dive! Cruised along the gorgeous wall of a dive, getting all of your coloured plumose, lots of basket stars, grunt Sculpins and a couple Warbonnets!

Oct 4, 2013

Location: Hardy Bay

Dive One: Mastersons

Temp: 10C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: 30km Winds, Overcast. – Seas: little Rough

Comments:  Still an awesome dive even with the craziness on topside! Loads of little critters below! Nudi’s, Warbonnets, Gunnels!

Dive Two: Mastersons

Temp: 11C – Vis: 50ft – Weather: 30km Winds, Rainy – Seas: little rough

Comments:  Sweet last dive of the trip! Even more Nudi’s and hooded nudis, Sculpins, and a few octos! Very nice kelp patch the end the dive with as well.

Overall:  It has been an excellent trip of Diving, laughter, and good ol’ safe fun.  The guests were a treat to lend a helping hand for whatever it was.  They are Great bunch of  skilled Divers!  Everyone enjoyed the trip thoroughly and said the diving was spectacular, even the ones who have been up here numerous times in the past.  Port Hardy seems to never let divers down no matter the Weather Topside!

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