Getting ready for Port Hardy.

Costco (2)

Chris and I are thrilled to be heading up to Port Hardy on the Nautilus Swell  as it is one of our favourite places to work from.

Of course there is always lots of provisioning that has to happen prior to the Nautilus Swell departing Steveston for up north.  Yesterday was our “Costco” shop day and we have stocked up on all the non-perishables that are required for our time up there and have squirreled it away in every nook and cranny that we can find on the boat.  The rest of our provisioning is done up at Port Hardy, they have a great Save On Foods store that carries wonderful fresh produce and anything else that we need.  We love to shop locally for a variety of goods and services so that we are contributing to the community while we are working that area.

My next blog will be coming to you from Browning Pass….. did I mention I was excited…. LOL!

– “B”

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