The giant male orca crashed out of the water with a porpoise in it’s mouth


After enjoying the warm rejuvenating waters of Baranof hot springs, we meandered back to the Nautilus Swell  in the sunshine stuffing our mouths and pockets with ripe juicy blueberries and salmon berries.While the guests were fed a fabulous lunch prepared by chef Jane, we cast off and bade warm springs cove adieu for a little coastal cruising and whale watching. We passed white rock off of Baranof Island when all of a sudden we saw some splashes near the shore. Tim guided the boat within safe whale watching distance and we watched an intense west coast drama unfold. A pod of transient killer whales, about 8 strong with one large male, a few females and what looked like a few young ones had cornered a pod of porpoises against the beach and were charging them so that they were leaping out of the water in panic. Amid all the churning white water suddenly the big male lept out of the water with a porpoise in its mouth and crashed into the shallows. We watched as the pod puffed and splashed about together, then slowly, leisurly swam towards us and away from shore. It was a fantastic show that most of us aboard the boat even after years spent working at sea had only seen on BBC documentaries. The sun was shining as we continued our coastal cruise.

Divemaster Tiare

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