I had a fantastic time with giant pacific octopus.


Diving Watts Narrows today was one of the top 5 best dives ever! I had a fantastic time with giant pacific octopus. He was fearless and playful and curious all at the same time! After Beeke found him he climbed right out of his den and grabbed my camera. He had one arm on my mask, on on my arm and the rest were wrapped around my camera. He came right off the reef and it looked like I had my own Octo scooter! He was on me for about two minutes. It was very exciting!
– Jorn, Germany

I found the giant pacific octopus that Jorn was interacting with. I was very excited to find it! I told Jorn to take a picture, I was happy that he wasn’t interested in playing with me but it was really neat to watch him interact with Jorn. At one point he was standing on all of his arms and it was very interesting to see how tall he was! It was a very exciting dive.
Beeke, Germany

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