Guest comments as we wrap another trip for Russians on the Nautilus Swell


We wanted to say to your team that you are the best team we have ever had the pleasure of sailing with. We are a group of experienced divers from Russia, all of us have dove all over the world on many many liveaboards, we have sailed with many many crews and you guys on the Nautilus Swell have been the most fun, the most capable and the hardest working. We would like to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts and we wish we could book on another trip next year. We will miss you! Thank you very much!

-Mariia and Serge, Russia extreme divers, Vladimere Russia.

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One Response to Guest comments as we wrap another trip for Russians on the Nautilus Swell

  1. Pierre H says:

    It’s Sunday afternoon and Gerda and I are sitting around the dinner table talking about our trip on the Swell, going back to work, the usual weekend banter.

    We wanted to let you know that we had a terrific time and it was largely because of the outstanding crew you have working on the Swell.

    In the survey onboard the Swell one of the questions was if any of the crew stuck out. It’s a tuff question,

    I’ll start with Jane, just because she was such a big part of our waking hours on the boat. You may remember that Gerda’s dad was a chef and she tends to be more than a little critical when it comes to what is put on the table. Jane can not only cook, she knows how to run a kitchen; I hope you know just what a gem you have. To me, its what you do with the leftovers that truly shows your skills, we had some memorable meals and she clearly knows how to optimize what she has to work with.

    Amanda, if there was a way to bottle that enthusiasm and energy you would be sitting on a goldmine. She always knew what someone wanted or needed before they were aware of it themselves. Her laugh was infectious and she was a tireless worker. We wish her all the best.

    Ron, I spent some time talking to him in the wheelhouse. Solid, hard working, with a good sense of humor, the kind of guy you want on board, at the helm during a long night’s run while everyone else is safely sound asleep in their bunks. He was always willing to answer my endless questions about the boat.

    Jesse, just thinking about him and I’m tired. Every time I turned around he was working on something, scrubbing the Indie, filling tanks. One of the best Divemasters I have encountered. A solid diver and a steady hand.

    Alex, by now Gerda and I have been on our fair share of boats. One of the things I’ve learned is that a crew is only as good as the person running the show. Alex clearly has the respect of his crew. He was one of the many reasons we enjoyed our trip as much as we did.

    This was one of the best dive trips I’ve ever been on. It’s a bit bittersweet to think this may have be our last chance to dive in Alaska, but I hope to dive with members of this crew again in the future.

    pierre & gerda

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