I can’t believe how quickly these last four months have gone. Nutilus Swell – November 2nd, 2012

Starting point was Juneau, Alaska and we’ll end our days meandering through the northern part of Vancouver Island (Port Hardy) down through the Sunshine Coast and finishing up our last trip exploring the dive sites around Nanaimo. There have been so many highlights for me throughout this summer it’s hard to sum up the amazing journey I’ve ventured on through the Nautilus Swell. For me, ultimately, I love being on the sea. The rust you get as the wind hits your face and waves roll by you. And the life you see while exploring these cold, blue waters. Recently while running through Gordon Channel we stumbled upon a scattered pod of orcas. The closest I’ve been to killer whales in my life! The most startling sight was to see an adult leap out of the water and actually breach onto its back! Breathtaking. Honestly though the highlight for me is the amazing people I’ve met while working aboard th is vessel. The stories and adventures that bring people onto our boat and into our hearts. One season down but many more adventures in the future!

Amanda, hostess

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