I flew halfway around the world to dive on the Nautilus Swell and it was absolutely worth it


Travelling from Portugal to BC Canada having the awesome opportunity to complete dive number 3000 on one of the most astonishing restored wooden tugboat – the Nautilus Swell. I had an extremely extraordinary experiences diving some of the best cold water dives in my life.
Don’t think about losing some weight with the best chef on the planet on this liveaboard.
Professional and family feeling on board makes this trip a never to forget memory.
We had 2 dolphins follow us back for part of the time to Port Hardy A shame it is all over Thanks guys !!!!!!!!
– Christiane from Germany.

The diving was great, the current made us miss Browning wall but 7 tree was amazing I never knew whether to use macro or wide angle because everything was equally great.
I flew halfway round the world and it was worth it

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