I have been on board 7 trips on the Nautilus Swell and this was the best trip yet!


I came across an octopus lying on the sea bed with rockfish encircling him, all pointed in his direction. A big lingcod swam nonchalantly by him, the rockfish seemed a big more concerned about being eaten than the lingcod was! – Martin, Scotland

I think everybody saw an octopus on that dive at Bichof reef and there was a lingcod as long as my dive buddy!! That’s the best site so far! Diving in Gwaii Haanas has been lovely, Vroom Skerch was great but this one was amazing. It’s my kind of diving, hunting for things among rocks, finding giant pacific octopus in holes and such. It also had a nice ending, coming up a big front of giant bull kelp then doing our safety stop and watching everybody’s bubbles drift by us was lovely.- David UK

Good dive, each dive this trip in Haida Gwaii has been unique. Each one has something special. -Adnan USA

Lovely! Just lovely! -Jaime UK

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