This morning I woke up and began my lengthy commute to work. Suddenly I heard a terrifically wet snort…


I climbed up the ladder from crew quarters and walked ten steps to the galley. Like many other working citizens I enjoy the scenery as I make my way to the office but unlike most professionals, the scenery of my office changes from day to day. This morning  icebergs serenely passed by the galley window as we steamed up to the Le Conte glacier for ice day. Suddenly I heard a terrifically wet snort off the port side. I stuck my head outside and almost got run over by a very excited chef exclaiming “Orcas! Orcas! Orcaaas!”. There was a pod of perhaps 5 or 6 whales, by the size of their flukes there were at least 2 babies probably traveling with their mothers. They were headed in the direction we had just come and the captain slowed the engine as they passed closely by. It was all in all quite a pleasant commute to work.

– Hostess Tiare

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