I only joined the Nautilus Swell a month ago and what a trip it has been!


–What a first month!!!

If you have not visited the Nautilus Swell, now may be the time. It has been quite the voyage, from the sights and waters outside of Port Hardy on Vancouver Island. To the beauty, ancient totems and majesty of the Haida Gwaii. Further north, to the snow-capped mountains, glaciers and wildlife of Alaska, it is in all a wonderful place to be and experience.

I joined the Nautilus Swell only a month ago as 1st mate, and what a month it has been. If I may first mention, my colleagues-your crew, are all magnificent. Making the journey a great place to “work” from my perspective and enjoy from yours. Then, there is the scenery, something that even I, who has had the fortunate opportunity to be on and in the water from childhood, can say, is amazing. So I can only imagine how you will feel about it all. The incredible part of all this is that it is only a portion of your adventure. Below the surface a whole new life, experience and wonder unfolds.

To everyone thinking about an adventure or about to join your crew on the Nautilus Swell, your journey of a lifetime will be spectacular. To our friends who visited the Nautilus Swell over this past month, myself and the rest of your crew thank you for your stories and experiences and we hope to meet up some day in the future when you embark on another journey for a Nautilus adventure.

Take care.

Your 1st Mate,
Ron Doumont

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