Mates blog – Nautilus Swell in Alaska – there is palpable excitement onboard


We started this trip in the charming seaside town of Sitka. Day number one was spent cruising and diving our way up Peril Strait. Day two – we dove with a giant pacific octopus on a gorgeous wall, kayaked and soaked in the hot springs on Baranof Island. It is now day three and there is a palpable excitement onboard – we have found the elusive “Smudges”!!! Aggregating moon jellyfish suspended in calm water by the millions. Captain Mike called them Smudges when he first discovered them because they look like, well, giant dirty smudges on the surface of the water. Enormous clouds of jellies that boggle the mind and impress everyone who has ever seen them. I keep hearing that it’s “better than Palau”! We’ve had two great dives with them so far. In an hour from now we will be snorkeling with the salmon in a nearby stream. Then one more dive with the jellies for good measure and we’ll cruise over to Port Alexander for the night. Tomorrow we expect to have ideal conditions for diving Wooden Island (one of the best cold water dive sites in the world) and Vancouver Rock (with it’s incomparable population of wolf eels). Not bad for just the first few days. Having worked on the Nautilus Swell for three years now, I have gotten used to guests commenting about the fact that we deliver more in just a few days than they were expecting for the whole trip. Not a bad thing 🙂  🙂   🙂

– Alex

1st Mate, Nautilus Swell

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