Divemaster Leeanne checking back in for another season in Alaska and excited fine new A+++ dive sites!


So nice to be back to such familiar surroundings. I am starting my season in Southeastern Alaska and was fortunate enough to start in Haida Gwaii Islands and explore the Queen Charlotte Islands area prior to coming up to Alaska.

Haida Gwaii area was amazing, so fun to be part of the exploration and excitement of finding A+++  dive sites and then encounter the creatures on the site.  The experience really opened up a need for knowledge. I did not know much about the Haida Gwaii natives so was so curious.   Captain Mike is a dedicated student of first nations culture on the coast but he wasn’t able to join us.  We were extremely fortunate and appreciative to Laura from Moresby Explorers for offering to spend 2 weeks cruising with us.  We were able to speak with some local natives as we went to Skedans village, which is an old village with memorial poles still making their way back to the earth. Being able to review the book and have the knowledge of the guide satisfied my basic need to learn about these Vikings of the north. What I loved the most was the pride the guide had in his heritage and culture.

I would recommend the Haida Gwaii Islands to all exploration seekers, diving and history buffs.

After that we made it back up to waters that I am familiar with. My excitement to get back on the sites and see how they changed or how the wildlife is during this time of year was boiling over. I love to share what I know and find animals to ID and behavior watch. I loved the energy of the guests when they come up and go over all we have seen.

I had some amazing points this trip.  I am a sucker for macro up here in southeastern Alaska.  I found my first snailfish that had markings of a clownfish. I loved seeing his size as I pictured him small like a lumpsucker.

I enjoyed the octopus out of his den hanging out for photography and my buddies yelp as I moved her hand closer to him to see if he wanted a feel of her warmth.

I loved the field of decorator crabs dressed as hydroids. They covered a portion of the reef yet no one really noticed them .

I am so glad to be back here, I feel the surroundings familiar, I feel excited to share experiences and I feel at home.

Stay tuned for DM Blogs and read about the creatures, behavior, ID and adventures we will have aboard the Nautilus Swell , Southeastern Alaska Season 2013.

– Leeanne

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