A beer in one hand, a cookie in the other and Im not yet out of my drysuit. This is Canadian hospitality!!

Anthony Rabideau 3

Pt Stanhope June 19th

Abalone heaven, that was amazing

– Faith, upon surfacing from a dive at Pt Stanhope on the Nautilus Swell

I can’t wait to see the video of the GPO (giant pacific octopus)  crawling all over my camera

– Jay, at Pt Stanhope

A beer in one hand, a cookie in the other, and I’m not yet out of my drysuit. Aaah, Canadian hospitality

– Jay, returning to the Nautilus Swell after diving Pt Stanhope

The shallows were great – bright red sea urchins, which I’ve never seen before

– Faith, Pt Stanhope


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