Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er! We love being busy as the curtain goes upon the big Alaska theatre.

8No rest for the wicked crew members of the Nautilus Swell as we bid farewell to our latest group of new friends, get the boat provisioned, fix broken things, wash and clean inside and out, do oil changes, update accounts, and all the myriad other details that keep the curtains up on the big Alaska theatre.

Well, that was yesterday, and after greeting our latest group of guests and getting them settled, we set sail from Ketchikan that evening for curtain call once again. First stop – the idyllic, sleepy community of Meyer’s Chuck where a group of artists and individualists stand watch over some truly spectacular diving. I had the good fortune to join the group on our second dive this morning, and I was treated to some great vis (40+ feet) calm and relatively warm water, and splendid marine life. Some guests kindly pointed out a Puget Sound king crab to me, while I managed to uncover a wonderfully depressed= and pugnacious-looking snail fish with some very nice yellow and white striped colouration. The wall was choked with white plumose and red strawberry anemones, and while it may have been my imagination I couldn’t help but feel that the rockfish were being particularly exuberant in the balmy water. A great dive, all told.

The rest of the day holds a third dive at Point Stanhope, followed by an evening cruise up Clarence Strait bound for Petersburg and a morning expedition to the Le Conte Bay glacier! Here’s to the auspicious start of another great trip.

– First Mate Sandy

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