I was diving with a bunch of big burly guys in Alaska and was able to show them a tiny lumpsucker. All I heard was “awww” and “heehee”.

Jay Zirbel 2w

Good Food, Good Diving, Good Friends

– Robin

I liked Lumpsuck Site in Gambier Bay and I like it because aside from the small stuff, there was a ton of Irishlords and I found a small Buffalo Sculpin. I found it to be a very peaceful dive.

– Anne commenting on one of her favorite sites while aboard the Nautilus Swell in Alaska

I like Basket Bay dive site because I found a Puget Sound king crab. I like to look and find thing like that and octopus.


GUIDE–“You have been here five times? What is your favorite after five times?”

ANNE–“My favorite dive site is Wall of Life at Inian Islands and Sealion Wall.”

GUIDE–“And you Ed, What is your favorite after five times with the Nautilus?”

ED—“I like Basket Bay. Well actually, my best site is Dillan Rock in BC because its got big octopus and wolf eels, and easy dive, nice location.”

This place is amazing, it is mindblowing! I can’t believe I am here at Le Conte Glacier. I feel so lucky, not many people get to see this.

-Hostess Tiare

This is so great! I am diving with a bunch of burly guys and I show them a lumpsucker and all I hear is “awww” or “hee hee” it was brilliant.

-Divemaster Leeanne

Wow epic!

-Sandy after a day at Le Conte Glacier


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