Looking back on our spring trips – Diving on a Boeing 737 was a first for me!


The Boeing 737 encompassed a couple of firsts for me. It was my first night dive and first plane dive!

Out of this group, I’m definitely the least experienced individual which was just fine. So for this dive I decided to go with the boats Divemaster, Jesse. We planned out our route before we went, which helped my confidence a lot.

We slowly descended the anchorline in the sparkling light of phytoplancton bioluminscence. It was quite surreal watching the plane appear from the darkness lit up by the groups lights… it was as if we were in a movie! As we swam down the fuselage we were able to make out “Canadian Air” between the plumes. Seeing the name, somehow made the fact that it was an actual plane more real. As we swam towards the back of the plane the tail revealed its self. I hadn’t realized how big the tail of a jet is.

I poked my head in as we came around the rear exit of the plane. Inside the body we saw some of the more advanced divers.

Around 25-30 minutes into the dive we ascended the line with lights off in the swirling green particles of light.

It was an incredible first night dive!

Craig – The Wetsuit Warrior




Diving is the reason for the trip. But there is also quite a bit of time getting to sites, between dives, and the evening after diving and before the day is complete. For me this time is just as important as the time under the water. I was able to spend some time catching up with my brother and chatting with everyone. The staff always made every effort to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. Tiare the hostess always brought us hot chocolate, coffee or tea after a dive. Jane, the cook, was great at making home made meals. She always had cookies available in a jar. The effort the crew made allowed me to really feel like I was on a vacation.

I really enjoyed my time on the Swell.

Craig – The Wetsuit Warrior

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