The scuba diving in Port Hardy on the Nautilus Swell is unbelievable.

rob roy (25) - puget sound king crabbIt was an amazing drift dive. We drifted about half a knot along a wall filled with life. I saw an amazing huge Puget Sound King crab with short legs and an amazing orange colour. I grabbed my buddy who was 5 feet away but when we came back it was hidden under some kelp. (Guest aboard the Nautilus Swell at the Eagles Nest dive site)

She always does that to me – I pointed out a really cool looking puget sound king crab and then two minutes later she shows me on that was 10 times the size! (Guest aboard the Nautilus Swell after diving in Browning Pass)

rob roy (2) - basket star on soft red coralrob roy (3) - red irish lord
The scuba diving in Port hardy is unbelievable. I got two dives in last weekend back home and had maybe 10 feet of visibility. Here it’s got to be at least 50 feet! I can see the whole group down there. The sites are so much better than back home too! Rugged and absolutely covered in life! Gorgeous! (Guest aboard the Nautilus Swell after diving Browning Islets)

What a smooth ride! It’s quiet and comfortable and no smell of diesel. And she’s gorgeous! This is one fine vessel. (Guest aboard the Nautilus Swell shortly after departing Port Hardy)

rob roy (33))
Saw our first octopus of the trip – gorgeous animals! (Guest aboard the Nautilus Swell)

We really appreciate what you guys are doing here. This is a world class operation. The vessel is gorgeous and amazingly comfortable. I don’t have sea legs but this boat has made it an absolute pleasure. First class accommodation and five star diving in one of the most beautiful places ever. It is so comfortable – not intimidating at all. The crew is so professional and friendly. We cant wait to plan our next adventure on the Nautilus Swell.    ( – Mike Giuffre from Sammamish Washington.)

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