1st mate Alex Ruurs enjoys a beautiful and effortless drift dive down Lucan Chute, Browning Pass.

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I had the thrill of a lifetime yesterday! We dove at Lucan Chute late in the afternoon. Weather was very good but the visibility underwater was not as spectacular as it has been around Browning Pass over the last few weeks. It was a killer drift dive with a solid 2 knots of current making for a nice ride across the bottom.  The low vis didn’t stop me from seeing several puget sound king crabs, enormous prawns, loads and loads of beautiful burrowing sea cucumbers in a variety of colours, grunt sculpins, and most exciting of all – witnessing one of the rarest sights I have ever seen!

The skiff was in position and I was all geared up. I eagerly splashed into the water and as I slowly started to sink down into the murky depths, I immediately saw the unmistakable shape of the rarest creature that I have ever seen in these waters. At first I didn’t believe my eyes but then the unmistakable cheetah print head came clearly into view – it was a Lever!

Captain Mike Lever is a busy guy. This was the first opportunity that I’ve had to dive with him in almost four years. I’m glad he found the time to come out and enjoy the Port Hardy area with us for a few days. Maybe we can steal him away for a trip in Alaska next time?


– Alex Ruurs

1st Mate

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