Having a great time on the Nautilus Swell; We are treated like kings, warm towels on cold days, hot beverages when you get back to the boat, just great!

swell boat

Browning Wall was the first dive of the day. The walls are covered in plumose anemones, sponges, tunicates, sea cucumbers, basket stars… so colourful it looks like the tropics. Our second dive of the day was at Hussar Point – Best dive ever!! Blew my mind……..Hooded Nudibranchs everywhere. We ended the day diving Buttertart – dessert dive of the day. Water was quite cold but walls once again covered end to end.
Sitting with an end of day drink waiting for dinner – food has been amazing!

– Karen

Agréable journée sur le Swell et aux alentours. Apres avoir vus quelques phoques en surface, nous avons connus de bons moments sous l’eau. Nous avons vus de nombreuses anémones, étoiles de mer, une grande diversité de crabes, beaucoup de nudibranches (dont in english “Hooded Nudibranchs”),… L’eau étant un peu fraiche, les boissons chaudes et petits amuses-gueules sont bien appréciables de retour sur le Swell.

– Pierre

Journee d’enfer ! La plongée sur Hussar Bay fut hors du commun ! Les Hooded Nudibranchs waoooo …. Ces nudibranches ont une espèce de parabole a l’avant qui leur sert a filtrer les nutriments ! Incroyable ! Ces nudi ressemblent plus a des aliens qu’a des nudi classiques ! C’est mon troisième séjour en Colombie-Britannique et Alaska et je n’ai jamais vu cela !! Cela m’a fait oublie la température …

– Yves

After a nearly two year hiatus, being back on the coast of BC just feels like coming home. From the screeching of bald eagles and the smell of fish on the docks in Port Hardy to the fog rolling in the distance and the salt breeze cutting the tops off the low chop on the water, the coast is, for me, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We sailed out of the harbour with blue skies and the sun shining on the faces of our excited guests, happy to be faced with the coming adventures. Yesterdays highlight was a shy great pacific octopus napping in a crack, and today saw several puget sound king crabs, one of them munching on fresh sunstar legs. We’ve had two days of phenomenal diving in the Browning Pass area, and tonight we should begin the winding passage to our final destination; Gwaii Haanas and the protected archipelago where we will explore nearer the end of the trip.

– DM Tony

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