Comments overheard after a dive on the Nautilus Swell on a Port Hardy trip.


The wooden decks are beautiful and the varnished wood inside is so beautiful.

It was really cool finishing the dive in a kelp forest with hundreds of black rock fish.

The current started along Browning Wall in the right way until 40 feet and
then it was going backwards until we came back up above 40 feet. It was an
awesome drift dive.

Browning Pass was the best dive so far. I saw the most amazing colours and
an octopus.

I went no where. I just stayed in one area and couldn’t believe the
concentration of life on Browning Wall.

Once I dropped under the algae bloom, vis opened up to 50 feet with a dark green hue to the light. My dive light lit up the wall and showed it’s true colours. The wall was covered in life and there were rockfish swimming around my light.

A young seal came and played with us for a few minutes. It was not scared of us at all. It zoomed around us twisting and turning. They’re like puppies

Does it rain here? I guess it is a rainforest.

I love this boat, it is so warm compared to the steel boats that I charter at work. It is really stable which makes it nice to sleep in. It must be heavy.


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