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In case anybody is wondering why we posted images of moon jellies, we want to transport you in your mind to a beautiful inlet on the west side of Baranoff Island in Alaska. Imagine a steep sided fjord with sheer walls rising thousands of feet into the clouds (Alaska sunshine). waterfalls. grizzly bears on the beach. An ice cave left over from 20 feet of snow the previous winter. And smudges. smudges??? yup, 50 feet across and kind of beige in colour. I have to thank Howard Hall for cluing me into what I was seeing on one of his trips on the boat. The smudges are in fact dense schools of moon jellies. Just like famous jellyfish lake in Palau. Well actually, maybe even thicker than Palau. It’s a surreal experience diving in pretty clear water and looking at dense columns of jellies. It’s even more surreal swimming into the column and being completely engulfed in jellies and not able to see a thing. WOW!!! my most memorable part of the dive was ascending into a halocline 2 feet in the surface. The ascending jellies were rebounding off the fresh water leaving the top 2 feet of water crystal clear. It felt exactly like skimming across the top of a cloud deck.

I love diving!!!

– Captain Mike.

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