I drifted through a kelp patch like glowing green pillars speckled with nudibranchs shooting up to the skies..


Wahoo! The craziness begins again! We are back at the dock in Port Hardy, and our wonderful group of guests have just departed.  Always a little sad, after the feeling of getting to know someone, and wanting nothing more to get closer, it is then time for the next group! Our last day of diving on the trip was a bit messy topside, with wind blasting us at 30mph: never do you learn to love and appreciate your drysuit more!  The sloppy days, I often even find to be the best of dive days, making the urge to get in the water that much greater, and boy when you get down there, Its hard to get out! Massive Plumose, white, yellow, orange, with endless little critters all about.  The Last dive of the trip we ended up spotting a couple little octos in their dens, not even a few feet from a big male Wolf Eel. After casually being drifted along the side of one of the Masterman Islands, a beautiful Kelp patch lay around the bend, like glowing green pillars speckled with Nudibranchs shooting up to the skies.  I truly couldn’t ask for much more.  Now onto the next bunch of avid divers, and I couldn’t be happier to meet, greet and share another wonderful experience with.

– DM Joel

“I truly had a marvelous trip! the food, crew and diving were top notch!”


In the salon after the last dive of the trip “The food has been exquisite!”


In the salon after our last meal of the trip!

“Even though I had a cold throughout the trip, I still had an awesome time!”


Final day of Diving on the back deck

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