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1st mate Alex Ruurs enjoys a beautiful and effortless drift dive down Lucan Chute, Browning Pass.

I had the thrill of a lifetime yesterday! We dove at Lucan Chute late in the afternoon. Weather was very good but the visibility underwater was not as spectacular as it has been around Browning Pass over the last few … Continue reading

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what the heck is a hooded nudibranch??

We love hooded nudibranchs aka melibe leonina (proper name) !!!!   These guys remind me in appearance of a venus flytrap and are in fact carnivorous.   “The hood” will slam shut on small prey that wanders into range and may include … Continue reading

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Latest trip ratings in from guests on the last 3 trips on the Swell and we hit straight 100’s on NPS!!

We could not be more proud of the crew on the Swell. This is the first time one of our boats has hit straight 100’s on NPS three trips in a row! So what the heck does NPS mean?? It’s … Continue reading

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photo of the week.

In case anybody is wondering why we posted images of moon jellies, we want to transport you in your mind to a beautiful inlet on the west side of Baranoff Island in Alaska. Imagine a steep sided fjord with sheer … Continue reading

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