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This morning I woke up and began my lengthy commute to work. Suddenly I heard a terrifically wet snort…

I climbed up the ladder from crew quarters and walked ten steps to the galley. Like many other working citizens I enjoy the scenery as I make my way to the office but unlike most professionals, the scenery of my … Continue reading

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The most surprising day. I had no idea an iceberg could be so much fun. Like a playground for a big kid except for a bikini clad model in Calvin Klein high heels with crampons – Quoted from Vanessa after a day at Le Conte Glacier aboard the Nautilus Swell

Everything is everywhere and everywhere is here. – Quoted on Indy at Misery Island dive site, Richard Salas OK, send the afternoon at Le Conte Glacier. We rode up pretty close, within a half mile, then we pulled back to … Continue reading

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I was diving with a bunch of big burly guys in Alaska and was able to show them a tiny lumpsucker. All I heard was “awww” and “heehee”.

Good Food, Good Diving, Good Friends – Robin I liked Lumpsuck Site in Gambier Bay and I like it because aside from the small stuff, there was a ton of Irishlords and I found a small Buffalo Sculpin. I found … Continue reading

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Soon I would be splashing divers on sites such as “The Wall of Life” “Susan’s Hooters” “Wooden Island” and “Inian Wall”, all covered in a myriad of colourful life. Nautilus Swell, Alaska, May 30th, 2011

First of all, I would like to apologize to all our readers and friends out there who enjoy all our blogs; I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I would like.  Fine tuning each dive, and exploring all the … Continue reading

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