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9 wolf eels on one dive. No wait, dive 2 on the same site produced 10 wolf eels! This is Alaska diving at it’s best!

So a beautiful trip from Ketchikan to Juneau. The weather again was amazing, I keep asking the guests on the trip “Who is the someone that brings us good luck?” You know it is a good group when they keep … Continue reading

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When my twin brother, Captain Tim, suggested that I join him on the Nautilus Swell for a trip in Alaska I was excited but unsure what to expect as a non-diver aboard a diving boat.

What does one do to pass the time when everyone else is under the waves?  As it turns out there were lots of activities to keep me happily occupied throughout the trip.  Many days were filled with trips aboard Inde … Continue reading

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Pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er! We love being busy as the curtain goes upon the big Alaska theatre.

No rest for the wicked crew members of the Nautilus Swell as we bid farewell to our latest group of new friends, get the boat provisioned, fix broken things, wash and clean inside and out, do oil changes, update accounts, … Continue reading

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