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Each and every morning out here on the Nautilus Swell is still such a shock to the system. Everyone’s jaws dropped.

Waking up in the morning rain or shine, it is beautiful. Diving all around Browning Pass and Shushartie Bay I feel will never get old. Within each dive site there is so much colour and life that you barely get … Continue reading

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I catch myself thinking of decorated war bonnets and grunt sculpins as old friends..

Back in BC! Having had the pleasure to work on the Nautilus Swell for the Alaska season this summer, I am thrilled at the chance to dive in Port Hardy and its environs once again, especially as it has been … Continue reading

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the head of this bay is an excellent place to spot black bears foraging on the beach.

  It is a beautiful, calm, sunny day here in Shushartie Bay on Northern Vancouver Island. On days like this It is easy to get tricked into thinking that it’s always like this here in April ! In September, the … Continue reading

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