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When my twin brother, Captain Tim, suggested that I join him on the Nautilus Swell for a trip in Alaska I was excited but unsure what to expect as a non-diver aboard a diving boat.

What does one do to pass the time when everyone else is under the waves?  As it turns out there were lots of activities to keep me happily occupied throughout the trip.  Many days were filled with trips aboard Inde … Continue reading

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We have arrived in Gwaii Haanas

Chalk up one more “opportunity of a lifetime” experienced by those of us aboard the Nautilus Swell. I have come to expect gorgeous scenery and thrilling adventure as part of the job here on the only luxury liveaboard dive vessel … Continue reading

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Unique and amazing; The boat is incredible.

That’s what I expected BC diving to be. Giant plumose anemones. Ling cod. Wolf eel. Sea lions. Enormous sun stars. Painted greenling. A whole different kind of wildlife. Every dive is different. Unique and amazing. The boat is incredible. Absolutely … Continue reading

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Time to start the Nautilus Swell’s 2013 season!

We set out from Vancouver to explore the beautiful west coast around the Gulf Islands. It’s exciting for me, being west coast born, to see the Gulf Islands from the perspective of our vessel. The Nautilus Swell gives you a … Continue reading

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