The Giant Pacific Octopus was amazing. Le Conte Glacier incredible. Diving outstanding – Guest Blog

The Giant Pacific Octopus was amazing. Le Conte Glacier incredible.  Diving outstanding. This is definitely a fantastic northern adventure, an absolute must do in cold water diving. Mountains are my first passion, to be able to combine scuba diving and the beautiful surroundings is great. I love the character of the boat, and the crew are awesome. Too much to say…..

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Mike: Best Dive today was the second one, Wooden Gully, it was a real mixture of everything so far. I liked it because we explored a new site for this boat, it felt like mine were the first human eyes to have ever seen all of the sights, it was probably my favourite dive of the week. There was a swarm of larva that was so cool, I just floated into and was surrounded, amazing.

John: Port Alexander was my favourite shore excursion so far, the boardwalk seemed very inviting. Rustic, but not too rustic compared to Myers Chuck. I have tried to imagine living in a place like that, but probably once I am retired.

Thomas: Our Octopus was fat. I mean it couldn’t have ran if it wanted to. Just a fat happy well fed octo that let us watch him hanging out on his rock.

Stephanie: Definitely the Octopus was the highlight of my trip so far. First time I have seen an Octopus out in the open. The stellar Sea Lion was pretty nice today as well, maybe he was being a little aggressive but I loved it!

Martin: The underwater life is absolutely astonishing. The life, the colour, the species, the variety, and the entire landscape, the scenery are just superlative. I can’t forget to mention the crew, the food, the service; super friendly and delicious.

Thomas: das Tauchen war sehr sehr beindruckend und schoen. Die Crew und Essen war genial, die Landschaft sehr genial.

Donna: Both the sites and the sights are breathtaking. The crew is awesome and the food is spectacular; the best I’ve ever encountered. I like the vacation feel; no bell is rung to call for dinner or dive times, allowing us to make our own choices.

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