The run up to Port Hardy from Vancouver on the Nautilus Swell was awesome.

As with any reposition there are always last minute things to take care of. We had Jason the local Steveston miracle worker weld a new towing lug on Indie, our dive skiff. Indie is a 38′ aluminum dive tender that we tow behind the Swell. Alex stayed with Indie while Jason finished up the welding and we untied and headed down the river to the Straight of Georgia (now known as the Salish Sea). We managed to get away only one hour late. We only had crew on board We pulled our speed back to¬† 8 knots and Indie cruises at 30 knots. Alex met us outside the river. We put Indie in tow (with the new towing lug) and headed up towards Campbell River.

With a drogue behind Indie and a longer tow line she bobbed along behind us like a happy duck.

We had 25 knot winds and 4-6 foot following seas which did cause us to roll but with everything secured we had no problems.

I had the 6 to midnight shift up to Campbell River which worked out great for me because when I went off shift we were coming in past Cape Mudge into the protected waters of the Inside Passage.

Alex had the thrill of taking her through Seymour Narrows where the famous Ripple Rock was taken out with explosives in the 60’s ?? It used to be a huge hazard because the currents run through there at up to 11 knots.

Alex took a picture of our GPS on the way through reading 16 knots. We had a big push from the current flow through the narrows but it also stayed on a long 10 hour Ebb all the way up the Johnstone Straights  to Port Hardy.

I came back on shift at 7 am to beautiful calm weather and flat seas. While we were having breakfast some dolphins came over to the boat but did not stay long enough even for a picture.


I love the Port Hardy area but it is definitely colder than Vancouver. We had some rain yesterday, clear skies last night and then some mist this morning. Now we are looking at overcast skies and some rain off in the distance. We would not have a rainforest without rain.

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