The sea lions were rambunctious and plentiful. Nautilus Swell Alaska July 2011

Well we are nearing the end of another great trip in the amazing Southern Alaska. We had a great opportunity to see lots of locations as this trip took us from Sitka down to Prince Rupert then back up to Juneau. The variation was outstanding. We were fortunate to encounter comfortable seas, great Alaskan weather, and some picturesque scenery. We were also fortunate to encounter a variety of water temperatures as the most southern part of the trip gave us warmer dive sites.
The guests had amazing experiences and were changing their vocabulary from “that was a great dive” to that was an “unforgettable encounter!”. We were fortunate to dive some great pinnacles that offered free swimming wolf eels that didn’t seem fazed by us being around. We could say they stopped and posed for us. We had octopus on various sites who also showed a love of having us around and were not scared by our presence.

The macro life on the reef continued to impress the guests. The amount of color, the various species and the ability to spot the fish you loved best was met with excitement, discussion and great identification sessions after the dives. The sea lions were rambunctious and plentiful. They would meet the Swell guests at any of the dive sites near Inian Islands and the guests had smiles on their faces while sipping martini’s on one of LeConte Glaciers iceburgs.

Let’s swim with the sea lions, get a picture of the Bald Eagle before it flies away, Scaly head sculpin ID, see the Orcas swim by, how many warbonnets can you spot?, save the Puget Sound King Crab, admire all the colors, and watch the sea lions catch salmon, were just some of the games played on board the Nautilus Swell this trip. I cant wait to do it again and see what else Southern Alaska has to offer.
VIZ-30 to 50 feet
Water temp 46F
See you guys soon.
Divemaster Leeanne

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