Thinking back to diving last month in the Gulf Islands – boiling green like a witches cauldron


The front passed over the Nautilus Swell as the sun went down, the rain and wind subsided, the skies cleared and we boarded the skiff for our first night dive of the trip. The moon and stars lit our way to Breakwater Island on the outside of Gabriola Pass. Without delay, we splashed into the cool, clear, calm water. I watched from above as the divers descended down the anchor line and was awestruck by the brilliance and abundance of bioluminescence that clouded the water below. It was like watching the northern lights upside down. I could clearly make out each divers profile as they one by one turned off their dive lights to enjoy the spectacle in which they were immersed. I enjoyed the light show for nearly an hour, watching fish flashing by the boat like shooting stars and diver’s bubbles boiling green like a witches cauldron. They each resurfaced in a glowing froth. We slowly puttered home to where the hot chocolate waited while the wash behind us shone as bright as a jet fighter’s afterburner. Yup – just another day at the office!

-Captain Alex

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