Time to start the Nautilus Swell’s 2013 season!


We set out from Vancouver to explore the beautiful west coast around the Gulf Islands. It’s exciting for me, being west coast born, to see the Gulf Islands from the perspective of our vessel. The Nautilus Swell gives you a much more intimate experience with your surroundings, allowing you to get closer encounters with local wildlife and the stunning coastline. On our first day while running to Gabriola Island an unexpected surprise came to visit us! We had a pod of 10-15 dalls porpises come up and start to play and race at the bow. These are one of my favorite water dwelling creatures, they were the first wildlife I saw when I starting working aboard in Alaska and how fitting it seems to see them at the beginning of another season and another adventure! Dalls porpises look like minature Orca’s and when we’re lucky they come and race the waves from our bow. They spurt with speed, chasing each other, letting the momentum of the water push them faster and faster.  It’s been a beautiful trip exploring the islands and diving on some incredible wrecks like The 450 foot long HMCS Breton and The 366 foot long HMCS Saskatewan. I love seeing the enthuisasm of our scuba divers as they come home from each dive. New sights and new adventures for everyone!

Hostess – Amanda

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