what the heck is a hooded nudibranch??

We love hooded nudibranchs aka melibe leonina (proper name) !!!!   These guys remind me in appearance of a venus flytrap and are in fact carnivorous.   “The hood” will slam shut on small prey that wanders into range and may include small crabs, mollusks, jellies and amphipods and copepods.    It’s well worth the wait to hang around with “melabies” (as we call them) and watch and watch for some interesting behaviour!   It’s a loosely held secret that this beautiful nudibranchs appear in the same bay every year just outside Browning Pass.    I reckon their life cycle must be about a year given that they always appear in the same patch of kelp  ie.  I’m guessing that the adults lay their eggs in the kelp and then the eggs lay dormant over the winter before hatching given that the cycle is so regular and darned predictable.

Image below was taken in Melibie Bay last week on the Nautilus Swell.

hooded nudibranchs

Safe diving.

– Captain Mike


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