The Nautilus Swell will emerge from her cocoon at the end of the month like a huge, beautiful wooden butterfly

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We arrived in Port Angeles the night of the 6th and cleared customs. The next morning we were up bright and early to haul the Swell out of the water. Captain Tim motored us up to the submerged slings of the 330-ton travel lift where the yard crew was ready for us. Amanda, Alex and I manned the lines while the crew at platypus lined us up just so to secure us for lift off.

It was sunny with showers and a rainbow formed behind us as the Swell was lifted, dripping from the water. Slowly, almost imperceptibly she was raised high enough above the ground and the huge wheels on the travel lift started turning. Like the tip of an iceberg the Nautilus Swell has much of her formable bulk below the waterline and I feel as if I have a whole new perspective on the old ship! Slowly with the travel lift chugging along we followed the Swell across the yard toward the commander building, an indoor workshop where the Swell will be wrapped in plastic, tarps and painters tape to emerge at the end of the month like a huge,  beautiful wooden butterfly (or just the lovely ship she is).


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2 Responses to The Nautilus Swell will emerge from her cocoon at the end of the month like a huge, beautiful wooden butterfly

  1. Sherry Clifton says:

    Warm winter greetings Tiare.
    It sure was nice visiting with you and the crew at Baranof Warm Springs this past summer! The kids enjoyed the cookies you shared and getting to see where Captain’s Tim and Sandy pilot from! What a beautiful ship!
    Hope you are all having a nice winter. Look forward to passing the Nautilus Swell again in Southeast Alaska this summer.

    F/V Nor’Gale
    Jay, Sherry, Tommy and Grace

  2. Tiare Boyes says:

    Hi Crew and Family aboard the Nor’Gale!
    What a pleasure to hear from all of you! I hope the fishing season has been well, the weather calm and your stove ever warm on these chilly days! I am gearing up to do my first stint aboard the Swell this year and I am very excited! First we will do some cruising and diving in Canada and then we are headed your way. I have some new cookie recipes this year so hopefully your younger crew members can help taste test!

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