Ye Old Nautilus Swell has been back out at the ever so surreal Staples Cut (Port Hardy) for the past couple nights, and I am reminded just how lucky I am.

Larry Cohen5w

Slipping in and anchoring into a haven of serenity, to blasting off on our skiff only a few minutes away from numerous fantastic dive sites. Diving with massive wolf eels as they gobble down vibrant purple urchins, crushing them with their roof top pallet that would be ever so unforgiving to measly human fingers. Just another great reminder to keep your hands to yourself! Back in our secluded anchor point in Staples cut we hopped right in for our night dive after another wonderful meal by my main man Benoit the chef, and again I was blown away. Spotting three Rat Fish roaming the quarters, and the biggest Sea Pens I have yet to see, only to find hiding behind the Sea Pen one of the biggest Nudibranchs I have ever seen, stretching at least twelve Inches/30cm in length! Coming out of a peaceful night dive, only then were the guests and I truly ready to call it a day!

– DM Joel

“The Gorgonian Corals were amazing! and just when I thought my dive was done a wolf eel popped out! it just gets better and better!”


On the skiff back from Barry Island

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